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Service Description: The legislative branch includes the legislature, which is comprised of the House of Representatives with a limit of 105 members and the Senate with 39 members. Additionally, officers and employees of the two houses and other officers and agencies are responsible to the legislature. Legislators are elected for four-year terms. A 1995 constitutional amendment limits the number of consecutive terms so that anyone who has served more than two and one-half terms in three consecutive terms may not be elected to the succeeding term in the same house. The legislature convenes in Baton Rouge at the Louisiana State Capitol for regular annual sessions and may convene for extraordinary or special sessions and for veto sessions. Regular annual sessions in even-numbered years are generally limited to 60 legislative days within 85 calendar days. Regular annual sessions in odd-numbered years are limited to specified fiscal-related subjects and certain other legislation and to 45 legislative days within 60 calendar days. The legislature is responsible for determining policy through the enactment of laws, subject to federal and state constitutional restrictions. In addition to general laws having statewide application, the legislature may also enact laws applying only to particular localities, within a number of specific constitutional limitations. The appropriation of funds to finance programs and functions of state government is a power vested solely in the legislature. Another major legislative power is oversight of implementation and administration of state programs by executive branch agencies. Legislative rules continue to be effective even when the legislature is not in session and standing committees of the legislature have authority to conduct studies and hearings during the interim between sessions. The distribution of representation in both houses is based on population in accordance with state constitutional mandate and U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The constitution (Const. Art. III, §1) requires single-member legislative districts; that is, each of the 39 senators and each of the 105 members of the House of Representatives represents a separate district. The legislature is required to reapportion the representation in each house by the end of the year following the year in which the state’s population is reported to the president of the United States for each decennial federal census, on the basis of total population shown by such census. Shapefile data located here:

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